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Good Mourning Congregation,

Just a small note to say that we've done a little tidy on this website. The gallery in particular had suffered with the removal of the flash plugin in browsers. This has now been replaced by HTML5 code. So should be working lovely again. Let us know if you spot anything that needs changing.

Sevenchurch Press Release 5th September 2013

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release of their debut album 'Bleak Insight'. Sevenchurch have announced that they will be making available two simultaneous releases (via download only) on Monday 30th September 2013.

The ironically titled 'Stealing From The Dead' is an 8-track, re-mastered compilation of all of Sevenchurch's demo recordings. It includes the classic 'Nefarious' demo, the rare 'Old Truths, Ancient Magick' and the previously unreleased 'The Rubber Room' 4-track demo recorded shortly before the band split up. All tracks have been re-mastered. 'Stealing From The Dead' will be available for £4.00 through sevenchurch.bandcamp.com.

Stealing From The Dead track list:
1. Circus Divine (from Nefarious)
2. Twilight Of Evergreen (from Nefarious)
3. Old Truths, Ancient Magick
4. Magnolia Siege (from 'The Rubber Room)
5. The Rubber Room (from 'The Rubber Room)
6. Bifocal Mind (from 'The Rubber Room)
7. Greengrass Blindness (from 'The Rubber Room)
8. Circus Divine (Original 4-Piece Recording)

Also available will be 'Festival Of The Spoons' a re-imagined release of the long-lost 3-track EP featuring Sevenchurch's lost, long song (sic!) 'Inavoid' which is over 18 minutes long. This release will be available as a free download as a way of saying thank you to all our loyal supporters who have waited so patiently, and so long to hear this music. This will be available from sevenchurch.bandcamp.com, soundcloud.

Festival Of The Spoons track list
1. Inavoid
2. Twilight Of Evergreen
3. Circus Divine

'After 20 years of fans asking us when this or that would be available, we decided that it would be really cool to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Bleak Insight release by giving our fans as much access to our archive material as we could. As well as these two releases we have also added live video clips to YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/7ChurchVideo) and various other audio clips to our own website (www.sevenchurch.co.uk) and our new facebook page (www.facebook.com/7church). Now hopefully these questions have been answered satisfactorily for everyone. Of course, the other question we are constantly asked, is when are we reforming? Well, never say never ... if there's a demand there. I guess we will have to come up with some way of celebrating the next big anniversary!

Also added to the music page today is a live version of the song Autobituary. It was recorded live at the Mean Fiddler, Harlesdon, London and was originally available with Old Truths, Ancient Magick to people who sent us a blank tape and SAE. As it won''t be on the Stealing From The Dead compilation we thought we'd make it available here on the website.

13th August 2013 Can't believe it's been 6 months since my last update. Hopefully most of you will now be following our new facebook page www.facebook.com/7church which is much easier to keep updated and should therefore be seen as the first place to check out for the most recent news. If you haven't seen it here is a recap of what's been happening so far in this celebration year.

There are now a couple of live video clips up on YouTube at this address http://www.youtube.com/user/7ChurchVideo Twilight Of Evergreen and Autobituary.

The website now features some song notes from Martin, Dave Smart and Ollie on the lyrics page.

A mp3 has been added to soundcloud that features an unsigned Sevenchurch's first appearance on the Friday Rock Show in a unsigned band competition called the Rock War https://soundcloud.com/sevenchurch/circus-divine-friday-rock-show

Finally I would like to announce that we will soon be releasing a download only compilation album featuring all of the Sevenchurch demos.

1st February 2013 Welcome to our new, improved website, we hope you like it. This year it is 20 years since Bleak Insight was released, (can you believe it?). The anniversary is 27th September and to celebrate we are going to be bringing a few treats and surprises your way as we lead up to the big day. So far we have added a Sevenchurch presence to Facebook and ReverbNation and this website has now been revamped and will continue to be updated throughout this year. Let us know what you think of the changes and if you encounter any problems.

20th July 2009 Since I last wrote there has been very little progress made with regards to re-releasing the CD and the EP. We are unfortunately a very small fish in the Universal universe and trying to get information and decisions from them is like trying to move a mountain with a spoon. We haven't given up entirely though and we have interested record companies talking to Universal directly about obtaining a licence to release our music. The good news is I've just added a new track to the music page a track called 'The Rubber Room'. Recorded in May 1994 shortly before the band split. It was recorded on a portable studio as a live band at the Jericho Tavern with vocal overdubs. It has a slightly different feel to the earlier stuff. Let me know if you like it.

26th February 2008 - NEW MERCHANDISE - A new print run of the Sevenchurch Gargoyle T-Shirt is now on sale as well as a set of button badges.
Thank you to everyone for your patience with the website. It's taken a while but the website is now complete and seems to be running trouble-free. All the merchandise available is now on sale both for the UK and abroad. If you do notice any mistakes on the website please let us know. Obviously we will continue to update and improve the site and will keep you up to date with any news.
Recently Universal have taken control of the Sevenchurch back catalogue having brought Sanctuary music who orginally brought Noise. So we now have another new company to talk to about a re-release of the CD and a release of the EP. Whether we can now achieve this remains to be seen but we will certainly do our best.

5th September 2007 After a period of neglect some changes are starting to happen to the website again.

29th April 2006 - Terrorizer No. 144 (May 06) is now on sale. They say some nice very nice things about the band.

11th April 2006 - We've had some good news this week. Terrorizer magazine are currently doing a 3-part doom metal special feature and we are going to feature in the third part which will be out next month. Keep your eyes open for it.

2004 - Hello again, been a long time since we . . .
As you can all see the website is still far from finished, apologies again and thank you for your patience.
Let me tell you what's been going on in the Sevenchurch cemetery recently.
Firstly, many of you have been hoping for a reunion. At the moment I can say that it doesn't seem too likely in the near future. The possibility of reforming was looked into around 2003 (10 years after 'Bleak Insight' was released) but for various reasons nothing happened. None of the original members have ruled out the possibility of something happening further on down the line.
The other main topic of inquiry I have been receiving is where to buy our products. Recently it seems that the Noise Record Site has gone offline. So even 'Bleak Insight' is proving hard to get hold of. The only place that I currently know of where it might be purchased is from Townsend Records. They are a small independent British online record store. A link has been added to the merchandise page. If anyone has any information about other purchase points, let me know.
I have recently added online purchase buttons (for the UK only at the moment) for the Nefarious Demo Tape and Sticker Sets (through paypal). If this works OK I hope to add the T-Shirts and Overseas purchase buttons soon.
On the subject of unreleased Sevenchurch music we do hope that one way or the other they will see the light of day, particularly the unreleased EP. The master's of which are still in Noise Vaults gathering dust. Does anyone know how to get them back?
   Cheers Ollie.


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