Sevenchurch Logo


A collection of the Sevenchurch logos used over the years:

LOGO 1: This was the very first Sevenchurch logo that we used.
Unfortunately many people told us that they could not read it!
The original design was based on thorns dripping with blood.
It became affectionately known to us as the Christmas logo because of its spiky holly feel!

Sevenchurch Logo 1


LOGO 2: The Second Logo we used was in some ways a simplified version of the original logo.
It kept the some of the style of the original but was less spiky and was given a stone-like texture.
Some people still had a problem reading this mainly because of the unusual shape of the S.
This logo was used on the 'Nefarious' Demo tape. It was designed by Darren Green who went
on to play guitar in another popular Oxford Band - Mindsurfer

Sevenchurch Logo 2


LOGO 3: The final logo we used was the most simple of all the designs.
Surely everyone could read this design?
We felt that we needed as many people as possible to see the name of the band,
whether reading it off someone's T-shirt in the street or from a CD cover in a record shop.
This is the logo used on the 'Bleak insight' CD

Sevenchurch Logo 3


LOGO 4: A new variation of the sevenchurch logo to coincide with the Bleak Insight 20th Anniversary

Sevenchurch Logo 4


LOGO 5: This final logo was the logo Dave Smart and Ollie used in their original 'thrash' incarnation
of Sevenchurch between 1987 and 1989. It was not used again when they decided to resurrect
the name in 1990 for their new slow and heavy project but is included here for its
historical interest and because we still like it as a design!

Sevenchurch Logo 5


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